The Handyband Collective is a home improvement and repair service owned and operated by local music and entertainment professionals. When they’re not on tour or recording their next album, Austin’s musicians need additional work to supplement their careers. The Handyband Collective pairs musicians with trade skills and local homeowners in need of repairs.  "This was literally how I survived when I was a full time musician. We have a unique opportunity to help homeowners have a reliable and service focused solution to their small scale home repair needs. Help us set the tone for Handypeople everywhere!"  - Founder True Lawton

Here are some of the FAQ's we get and our OFFICIAL answers!

What is a Handyband?

A Handyband is a 2+ person crew consisting of an experienced Handyperson and a musician apprentice(s).  These teams are billed at varied rates with a 2 hour minimum.  Our base rate for a 2 person Handyband is $80/hr and is perfect for knocking out everything on your honey-do list.  Things like: Changing out locks, swapping out cabinet hardware, dealing with an old noisy toilette, patching and touching up dents or holes in the wall, changing out an old fan, painting an accent wall, or even getting that door to close and latch properly. 

We also book Specialists (Electricians, Plumbers, Fine Carpenters, Drywallers, etc) for larger or more complicated projects.  We are still utilizing our cities musicians to assist or lead these Handybands, and we've learned that these individuals are intelligent, creative, and take pride in their work.  If you have a bigger project or a unique idea that you want to bring to life, we'd love to help you bring that to life too! As always, just snap some pics and fill out the NEW GIGS form - It can take less than 2 minutes and can be done from your phone! 

What can I expect after I submit a NEW GIG?

We have a 3 phase process to ensure that we are hitting the mark: Understanding your GIG, estimating your GIG, and booking your GIG. Depending on the complexity of your project this process takes between 48hrs and 2 weeks.

  1. When you submit a NEW GIG our Venue Managers will pour over your submission and ask for additional information as well as reference photos of the affected items/areas.  These reference photos are key to being able to have end-to-end confirmation of what the actual issue is.
  2. Once we've collected the needed information, or we've determined that someone should come out to your property to assess the situation, you are ported to one of our Booking Agents.  These are our estimators and logistics coordinators.  They are the ones who will help you find the right Handyband team to get the job done, and exactly how much it might cost.
  3. After the job has been awarded, the Booking Agent finds the next available spot in one of our Handyband's schedules.  Most of our customers haven't had to wait more than a couple weeks to get their job done after it's been awarded, so don't fret!

Why does the Handyband Collective bill by the hour?

Every job has its own idiosyncrasies with respect to timing and hidden challenges, but we always try and give a realistic AT MAX estimate for your project. We're not psychics or have x-ray vision.  We're going to encounter some problems we couldn't expect.  That is the nature of the Handyman game.  When you get an estimate from one of our Booking Agents you will get the full picture as to what we expect to find, and what we hope not to find- so we're all ready for any outcome. We are consistently finishing jobs quicker than our estimates, and since we bill by the hour, you will save some money on the total labor cost.  We're confident no matter what we encounter that the job will be done as efficiently and cost-effective as possible, while still maintaining a high quality standard.

What are your COVID-19 protocols? 

We're a diverse group of people with varying health concerns and political views, but we all want to feel comfortable and safe.  We have a simple code:  Indoors, we mask up and socially distance whenever possible. If all parties are vaccinated and we are not in stage 4 or higher, we allow those responsible humans to come to a group choice about masks indoors. No matter what, we hold our clients safety in highest regard and air on the side of safety whenever possible. We do not require our Handybanders to be vaccinated, but we will accommodate any and all concerns that our clients have surrounding their safety.  We have fully vaccinated Handybands, and all of our team members are here to work safely and courteously -whatever that looks like.  All Handybanders are given access to hand sanitizer and needed cleaning products at no cost to them. 

Is The Handyband Collective a non-profit? 

At this time The Handyband Collective is a for-profit entity.  We have done (and will continue to do) many projects that provide clothing, repairs, and assistance for those in who need it in our communities.  We want to be a profitable business that uses those profits to really move the needle in the cities that we are in.  We are piloting a program that finds individuals who need repairs to their home who cannot afford them, and then provides repairs for them at no cost. If you would like to be a benefactor for this program please email us at with the subject line: I want to Help!


Copy of ATX Handyband Mission Infographic