The Handyband Collective has done a lot of paintin', patchin' and mulch movin' in their time. Aside from the everyday to-do list projects, the Collective has also been fortunate to have been a part of some real KILLER GIGS brought by some amazing clients!  Check out these cool projects that the Handyband was able to bring to life!


The Catio by Bri & Ben

Brietta and Ben wanted a weatherproof back patio to enjoy with their cats. When their vision and their budget started colliding, The Handyband Collective coached Bri and Ben on how to do as much of the project that could fit into their current budget! We worked together to design a screened in porch with amenities for humans and felines alike. We wanted to give them an enjoyable (and bug free!) outdoor space that would be ready for the next phase of their remodeling plans. We even took a little time to create plenty of perks for the cats to enjoy: ladders, hammocks, a breezeway, and even a scratching post made from a downed tree in their yard.  The Handyband Collective wants to help you understand and accomplish your home project goals, while leaving room for your budget and your style. 

Vocal Booth by Tonie Knight

Local vocal actor Tonie Knight needed a recording set-up that matched the demand for her talents.  She needed to 1up her homemade closet studio, into a real life vocal booth. The Handyband took her budget and used it to design a simple, but beautiful, custom office studio... just in time for a big audition.