Patching & Painting

Patching & Painting

Things like:

  • Paint matching & touch-ups
  • Drywall patching and texture matching
  • Walls, cabinets, doors and trim, oil or latex

Whatever you want, we'll paint it and probably organize your paint shelf while we're at it!

Fencing & Decking

Fencing & Decking

Things like:

  • Fence un-leaning
  • Post-re-setting
  • Gate fixing, sanding, painting and staining
  • Kid- and dog-proofing available too!

Have a killer idea for a backyard deck? We can help with that too, let's talk!

Electrical Fixture Swaps & Installation

Electrical Swaps and Installs

Things like:

  •  Swapping a ceiling fan for a light or vice versa
  •  Installing smart flood lights, doorbells and thermostats
  •  Replacing light bulbs in really tall ceilings

We might not mess with any actual wiring, but we can swap out fixtures and help with simple electrical issues all day long.

Plumbing Fixture Swaps & Installation

Plumbing Work

Things like:

  • Swapping your old faucet for a shiny new one
  • Troubleshooting and fixing a running toilet
  • Replacing under-cabinet plumbing lines and drains

We don’t do any “in the wall” plumbing repair, but if we can't handle it, we will tell you before it's a problem.

Gardening & Landscaping

Gardening & Landscaping

Things like:

  • Mulch spreading & stone placing
  • Hole diggin’ and fillin’
  • Planting, weeding and trimming
  • Installing yard lighting to properly highlight your foliage.

Wish your yard was doper than your neighbors?!? We can help you step up your game. 

how it works

We have a 3 phase process to ensure that we are hitting the mark on your gig:



Once we've collected the needed information, or we've determined that someone should come out to your property to assess the situation, you are ported to one of our Booking Agents. These are our estimators and logistics coordinators. They are the ones who will help you find the right Handyband team to get the job done, and exactly how much it might cost.



Once you feel good about how we're going to get you a win and the job has been awarded, the Booking Agent finds the next available spot in one of our Handyband's schedules. With our revolutionary scheduling system we can book most jobs, in and around your busy life, in under two weeks. If there's a deadline, just tell us and we'll do everything we can to accommodate!


"The Handyband Collective. Love, love, LOVE the Handyband Collective! They did a dry wall patch for us, installed a new toilet, installed two ceiling lights and a fan. Jobs done perfectly. AND ... when you use them, you're supporting the music industry in Austin!"

-  Lucy F. (Handyband Collective Client)

"Amazing! They came in to fix a cabinet in our office that was coming off of the wall. The entire process was efficient, effective, and professional. Their communication is outstanding and fun. We have several construction projects done at our office and this one was a breath of fresh air! Will use them moving forward, without hesitation"

  • - Lesley T. (Handyband Collective Client)

"We've used Handyband guys a couple of times for small house projects that we needed support with but weren't a big enough job for a specialist (minor electrical, caulking but not tile, etc) and True and the guys are so nice, do a great job, make it really easy. And we feel good about supporting local musicians too! Highly recommend for handyman projects!"

- Elyse H (Handyband Collective Client)

"True and the crew of Handyband Collective are fantastic. They have helped with some small repairs and landscaping. They do a professional job and are always reliable. And the bonus is getting to talk to crew members about their musical endeavors!"

- Sylvia P (Handyband Collective Client)

"I love the HandyBand Collective! They added a portable a/c to my windowless garage for my son’s garage band (and had to get creative for where to put the port), added shelves to a closet for me, and BEST OF ALL took my homemade vo booth in a closet and built it out into my own custom booth complete with a two level desk! I love it and these guys are all fantastic. Book a gig and keep Austin Weird and Awesome!"

- Tonie K (Handyband Collective Client)

"Handyband came at my project head-on. True was very communicative and reached out at every step of the way. While what I envisioned did not go according to plan (old building issues), True had a back up in mind that worked out. I would definitely recommend The Handyband Collective."

- Nicole C (Handyband Collective Client)

"We hired them to screen in our patio and incorporate various climbing and sitting areas for our three cats. They were punctual, professional and creative. They designed and built a patio (catio) enclosure that was both fun and functional for humans and cats! They worked with us to remain within our budget even at the height of the soaring lumber prices (2021)."

- Benjamin D (Handyband Collective Client)

"Y'all, I had the excellently named HandyBand Collective come tile & trim [...]. These musicians shouldn't be getting up early & working with sawdust all day but times are weird and they did such a GREAT JOB! Get them to help with your To-Do List, and maybe get compliments on your record collection!"

- Jacy W (Handyband Collective Client)


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