So you wanna tryout for the Handyband?!? Whether you have years of experience and specialized skillz OR you're just a smart, hardworking, and presentable handyperson, this is where you should start! Check out the info below and if you're still vibing with us then fill out the Tryout Form below! We typically get back to you within 24 - 48 hrs!


Are you punctual AF?!? Do you play well with others? We have opportunities to work with your hands with minimal skillz or experience needed.  Things like: Cleaning gutters, spreading mulch, lugging materials, hauling trash, demo, and more!


Be honest.
Be honest about what you know AND what you don’t know.  We make sure there’s going to be a good performance before we get on stage!

Be communicative.
We expect EVERYONE to be able to communicate about the job, about the challenges, and about what really happened honestly.  If you can’t communicate then we won’t be able to depend on you. 

Use the tools, talk the talk, and be professional.
We are a MODERN company looking to solve problems that haven’t even been invented yet.  That means we need to be plugged in and utilize the tools at our disposal.  We use SLACK,, G-Calendar, E-mail, AND text to communicate.  Just how it goes.

Look and smell healthy.
Wear what’s appropriate to work in, and don’t look too attractive or too sketchy…it makes you seem more legit.

Prepare for the work you’re going to do.
Have a solid game plan before you arrive on-site, whenever possible. 

Have reliable transportation and know how to get somewhere ON TIME!

Don't put too much on your plate.
Keep your calendar and commitments tidy and only commit to jobs you can actually do!


1. Start in a position lower than what you are intending to work and be the apprentice!  This is a great way for you to see how we’re trying to do things differently, and might even learn something new.

2. Show that you know how we award, book, bill, and payout on jobs and play along. 

3. Keep yourself AND us out of trouble.  We’re trying to devise a way for the job to be safe before it ever gets to our Handypeople.  It’s your responsibility to call out unsafe situations!

4. Prove your worth!  We’re designing a system that actually listens to the client and figures out how to deliver what they want or need with high quality and rigorous honesty. That’s how you prove your worth too! 


Have further questions? Let us know.