Custom gigs


Welcome to the Custom Gigs Estimates portal! This is for jobs that require a bit more work or attention to detail, rather than small quick jobs. If you're not sure which category your job fits, see the examples below, or [contact us] and we'll help you figure it out.

In order to perform your gig, we need some information, and in this case more is more. Please include measurements, photos, photos of measurements, links to items and Pinterest boards – anything you have, just bring it! The more info we get, the faster and more accurate your estimate will be. 

Great Examples of Custom Gigs:

    • Replacing  your entire deck
    • Installing a new door
    • Painting every room in your home a different color
    • Installing a new fence
    • Replacing rotten trim
    • Fixing large sections of siding

Examples of NOT Great Custom Gigs:

    • Changing out the locks on your door
    • Replacing an old ceiling fan with a new one
    • Patching some nail holes
    • Hanging pictures and/or shelves
    • Caulking a few seams
    • Replacing a short piece of damaged trim

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