Quick gigs


Welcome to the Quick Gigs Estimate portal! This is for smaller, straightforward jobs that don't require any customization and just need to be done ASAP. If you're not sure which category your job fits, see the examples below, or [contact us] and we'll help you figure it out.

Examples of Quick Gigs:

    • Small patch ‘n paint jobs
    • Hanging pictures and shelves
    • Caulking a few seams
    • Replacing a short piece of damaged trim
    • Installing or disconnecting Smart Devices
    • Someone to hold your hand as you cry into your coffee while blasting “So Lonely” by the Police… we get it, and we can sing backup vocals for you.

Examples of NOT-Quick Gigs:

    • Replacing  your entire deck
    • Installing a new door
    • Painting every room in your house a different color
    • Designing and building your very own Cathedral of Junk
    • Replacing large sections of siding