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  • In most cases, your job is immediately¬†put into our GIG marketplace and we send the first¬†available Handyperson to start figuring stuff out!



  • Most jobs have a 2hr MIN cost and are billed by the hour until completed or the client requests a stopping point.
  • We send a "Rate Schedule" with an anticipated estimated time of completion, they are NOT our Custom Estimates which have detailed scope and cost parameters.
  • Work may be stopped or put on hold by: Materials not available, two people end up being needed, or specialty tools are required.
  • No opportunity for client to purchase the materials themselves.



  • Detailed scope and cost parameters are shared with Client and Handyperson - no missed tasks!
  • Detailed materials list complete with links to products so that you can save on materials costs!
  • Detailed MIN and EST MAX costs for your project so that you know what to expect on your bill.
  • Jobs are MUCH less likely to be held up by unforeseen circumstances or materials being unavailable.
  • Cool custom job names that are snappy and fun!


  • Custom estimates take between 72hrs - 14 business days to complete depending on the complexity of your project.
  • More communication is needed about your job before we can get started.